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The Newz According To Eric

Tribute To The Godz 

PRE ORDER (Releases May 13th) A tribute to Eric Moore and the Godz Volume 1.
1. Poobah- Were all crazy
2. The Mentors- Lust Kage
3. Blues Hippy & the soul underground- Fool for you baby
4. Matt Avery- Baby I love you
5. Chris Laubis- Lonely Tonite
6. Sacrificial Blood- Mongolians
7. Jeff Danzig- Under the table
8.Rif Raf- 714
9. Cold blue rebels- Gotta Muv
10. The feckers- N.I.S. Medley
11.Dave Hershey- Burning Bridges
12. Jeff Westlake- Gotta Keep a Runnin'
13. Kiff- He's a Fool
14. Witch Cross- Hey you
and more

Last Rights Added Too GODZOLOGY 

Dig up Y'all

As I told you earlier in the week there is a new box set GODZOLOGY on the way. Now to make the set even better we have decided to add a new release as well titled "LAST RIGHTS" to the set. This is made up of new material and some old resurrected material from old source tapes from back in the 80's but have now been re recorded to make it all nice and powerful.
Great thing is....the price des not go up one penny for the addition. Where else do you get that kinda shit other than from me and the GODZ?



Dig Up Y'all,

As promised myself, John Gard and Jeff Westlake have been hard at work putting together the shit I know the machines want to hear and see. It just ain't that fucking hard to figure ya know.  So I introduce to you GODZOLOGY which is made up of The first two releases, THE GODZ and NOTHING IS SACRED remastered at Ridgeline Studio's by Jeff Westlake along with 2 ass kicking live shows. One of the shows is from 1978 from Laredo Texas and the second one is from The Agora in Cleveland Ohio in 1979. Some bad shit Machines and all for you. Also in this awesome set is a DVD that is a surprise but something that you will dig. Lets say it is a reunion of sorts.

Go to the store to get your copy now. This will be a limited edition for the first 500 copies that will include extra's that you can only get from my ass in the first 500.

Behind The Machine 

Dig up Y'all

I now bring you the first of a multi set DVD offering called Behind The Machine Vol 1. This will get you to shows, see video's, interviews with yours truly and much much more. This first volume features the Wasted 93 line up of myself, Eric Mauk, Ty Beebe and Matt Mees.
As per normal you can click herethegodzofficial.cinchcms.net/ to get yours today. Enjoy it Machines as much as I did putting it together.



Dig up Y'all. We have a new as promised release for you. Some bands may tell you they have "Bootlegs" for the fans and they are a pro recording. Well this is an honest to god bet my bag of Ohio's finest that it is just that; a bootleg.

This one is from 1993 with myself , Eric Mauk, Ty Beebe and Matt Mees. John Gard found this one and took it to Jeff Westlake and the folks at Ridgeline Studio's to see if it could be brought up to true bootleg standards. After some work they pulled it out.

This is a great show and the band was in true as kicking form that night. There are alot of people that say that this lineup of The Godz was the best. I can not say that from my end but I will say that we were all over it this night in December 1993 at the Alrosa in Columbus Ohio.

So get ya some of Ohio's finest and some of your favorite beverage and kick some ass because you know they can't stop the machines.

Click here y'all to order. thegodzofficial.cinchcms.net

The Official Machinez News Only Here 

Welcome to the OFFICIAL GODZ web domain. Here at The Godz Official you will get all of the news first hand as to what we are doing, who we are doing and whats next after that. So lets start it off with the latest Press Release from our management. Talk soon Machinez.

Columbus Ohio rockers The Godz have scheduled a very busy 2013 for themselves and a gratifying one for their fans.

In late April the band will be releasing their highly acclaimed first cd's The Godz and Nothing is Sacred newly remastered at Ridgeline studios by Jeff Westlake for both digital and hard copy release.

The exact date has not been set as of yet but more information next week on these releases and their release date.

Also planned for release this year is a trilogy of videos spanning the bands entire career titled Behind the Machine.

The big news however is that Eric Moore the bands colorful leader from the very beginning is going into the studio with new guitarist Jeff Westlake to write and record 2 new releases slated for a late 2013, early 2014 releases.

One release is going to be a rare acoustic product and The Godz full on down and dirty product is going to be a return to the original dirty power rock they have become known for.

In just recently developing news straight from Eric Moore as he told it on Mark After Darkhttp://www.marksfterdark.com/ the official band is Moore and Westlake at the moment with drummer John Cardilino involved as well. Recording will also start in April.

With a long career in tow Eric is not resting on what he has accomplished said John Gard;band manager. It is very exciting right now to be involved in and I am looking looking forward to this stated Westlake.

The band is getting ready to fire up a brand new web site in the next week and everyone will be informed of that when it happens. Right now visit Eric and the band on Facebook at Eric Moore & The Godz official fb. Anything else is a fraud.